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So you’ve decided that your school or your district is going to Project/Problem/Passion-Based Learning.

You’ve even hired in the initial consultant(s) to kick off the movement and afterward, many of your teachers are energized ready to start.

BUT this isn't your first initiative... you also know that those teachers are going to need regular and customized follow-up support. Maybe even for some, they’re going to need an hour here and there of co-teaching. Or individual coaching in the moment of their planning periods. And you already have curriculum coaches on the job for all your school’s curricular needs...but...they’re not PBL trained any further than your teachers.

You’re left with a dilemma:

How will you afford to get your teachers the support they need without breaking your budget?

And what if you, as the coach who's supporting the teachers in this initiative don't have much background in Project/Problem/Passion-Based Learning?

After all, you already have coaches on salary but they aren’t specifically PBL-trained. They’re barely ahead of your teachers, and in some cases, may even be behind. Of course they’re great people and awesome trainers -- they just might not have any PBL experience as classroom teachers themselves. Past the initial training, you know, when the actual real struggles start, will they be able to answer these teacher-questions that at the next level of complexity?

The reality is, you can’t afford to bring in the f2f consultant every week -- or every month!

How can you get your coaches more deeply trained in supporting the PBL classroom so they feel comfortable supporting the teachers on a timely, as-needed basis?

This course is designed specifically for curriculum and instructional coaches who need support for themselves as they support their teachers.

How it works:
We'll meet LIVE two times a month, starting February 9 and running through May 22 (all dates listed below). You'll have a chance to suggest and vote up the topics burning in your brain and we'll tackle those questions each meeting.

Can't make a time/date? That's ok! You can watch/listen to archived meetings. You can also join our active Facebook group to ask your questions in real time with real practitioners.

As a world-wide PBL teacher and consultant for the past 12 years, Ginger is able to help curriculum coaches develop a deep and broad repertoire of experience and comfort with not only the basic and advanced concepts of PBL, but also have a strong set of resources for the top frequently-asked questions, problem areas, and misconceptions that teachers have when diving into PBL. She will open the playbook that she have developed in working with thousands of K12 teachers and higher-education programs.

  • Where do new-to-PBL teachers stumble?
  • What are the big questions teachers are left with when facing kids and a blank lesson planning document after a quick 2-day PBL training?
  • How can we support a teacher trying to shift a favorite “project” into a “PBL?”
  • Giving and receiving feedback for growth.
  • Encouraging content integration.
  • Shifting teachers from more content-driven to more universal skills-driven learning.
  • Encouraging and helping to coordinate/facilitate collaboration between classes across school, district, state, nation, world-wide and between various age-groups.
  • Moving from more school-flavored PBL into more outside world PBL.
  • Moving from more teacher-ignited PBL to more student-ignited PBL.
  • What happens when we need to communicate to parents what & why we’re doing school differently?
  • How do we evaluate their progress not just for coaching, but also for supporting our administration in their teacher-evaluation process?
  • What are top suggestions when a teacher is reluctant in moving forward?
  • What are the best resources for a variety of teachers without pigeonholing a teacher or a unit into one silo of content or age-level, ie 5th grade math?
  • How do I start to support PBL-style professional learning? How do I role model what I’m coaching?
  • How can we start advocating for a better system structure that reflects learning instead of the old-style structures of “school?” ie, bell schedule? Grading system? Report cards? Grade-levels based on age? Adequate tech supports to enable student-centered learning?
  • And more, customized to the needs of the coaches attending these trainings.

Your Instructor

Ginger Lewman and Katie Perez
Ginger Lewman and Katie Perez

Ginger and Katie have nearly 2 decades of combined classroom PBL experience. Now, working with ESSDACK, a non-profit eduction service center based in central Kansas, they are both PBL coaches, consultants, and keynote speakers who believe that teachers teach how they are taught. If we want teachers to teach in a particular way, then they need to experience their learning in the same or similar style.

Ginger has over 25 years experience teaching grades 5-12.
Katie has over 16 years experience teaching grades PK-6.

Together, they're able to meet the varied demands of every curriculum and instruction coach working to support PBL teachers, even if that coach has never taught in a PBL environment themselves.

I have seen the positive effects that Ginger can have on a school setting. She has recreated a fire and excitement in several teachers in our district. The more the word is passed around about Ginger and what she does, the larger the fire gets! It doesn't matter if teachers have been in the classroom 5 years or 25 years, they are changing their perspective and ideas after they attend a workshop put on by Ginger.

With her experience in both a standard school setting and a PBL school, she knows a lot about both and how to incorporate all of the awesome PBL projects into a regular classroom.

If you are looking to relight the fire or help build on great ideas then Ginger can help you!

Rachel Meenen, elementary teacher

One of the greatest effects Ginger has had on me personally and my school community is the development of a growth mindset. Ginger gives her audience permission to make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and make improvements. From helping teachers to integrate technology to challenging teachers to implement active learning in their classrooms, Ginger is able to offer individualized professional development that launches teachers to the next level!

Justin Coffey, high school math teacher

We know that teachers teach how they are taught.

And you know that regular, on-going learning has a better chance to “stick” as a new classroom practice than a one-and-done learning model. We applaud you.

Now it’s time to help yourselves with that understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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